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Management Plans
Timber Marking
Forest Inventory
Education and Public Outreach

Increment Borer Sharpening


Coming Soon

Fire Risk and Tree Health Inspections


Why should you hire a forester?

Many people think a forester is the same as a logger.  There is an important distinction.  Our professional ethics strictly forbid us from having any economic interest in purchasing or procuring timber wherin a potential conflict of interest may exist in serving the public.  Our first duty is to the land, and then to you, the landowner.  We represent you and your interests.  Other companies may perform some of these services; for example a tree cutting service will be happy to give you an assessment on your property, but because they earn more if they cut more trees, there is a clear conflict of interest.  We have no such conflict of interest and will always act in the best interest of you and your land.


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