Our Story

Even though Ironwood Forestry, LLC wasn't officially formed until 2018, it began many years ago as an ideology.  It started when a young summer seasonal did a few quick calculations on just how much forestry work costs the American taxpayer.  It grew when crews were forced to work on a rainy Monday, but prohibited from working on a sunny Sunday.  It grew when crews were given substandard equipment, or not given the right tools to begin with.  It grew when promised benefits were taken away while supervisors gave themselves bonuses.  It grew when people were told it was not possible for them to earn top marks on their performance review because that would require a small bonus.  It grew when productivity was made bottom priority.  It was born when asking "what if there's a better way" was not allowed. 

We subscribe to an ideology of excellence.  We strive to do things better, faster, cheaper.  And we're stubborn.  We don't accept that something cannot be done, only that we're still finding a way. 

As private foresters, we have the latitude to ask "what if?"  What if we used better gear, worked smarter hours, paid higher wages? This gives us the efficiency to perform work at lower costs, while also earning profit.  While other outfits are looking at how they can squeeze savings from their team's wages, we want to hire people and pay them as much as possible.  With innovation in gear and organization, we hope to give our team the pay that their hard work deserves. 

This all is working towards an end goal: to be a viable resource for restoring and managing our forests in Arizona.  Perhaps its out of the stubbornness, or maybe something else, but we are going to make it happen, one way or another.